Where Are We Going Now?
Copyright 2023 Lisa R. Tennant
Medium: Watercolor
Size (Unframed): 25" x 25"
Price: $2400
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Whatever happened to the Holiday Inn style signage? There were many signs similar in shape and design using that style and I thought this one was exceptional. This is the third painting from the same reference photos I shot in Deland, Florida of the Boulevard Motel. It's one of those mid-century gems that keeps going even after 60 or 70 years of taking a beating in the Florida sun and tropical storms. This painting is on a larger scale and I have to say that painted in watercolor captures the colors and textures of this grand scene. It reminds me of trips I took as a kid on family vacation between Michigan and Florida, stopping along the way at a fun motel with a pool and wondering where we were going next.
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