image of a painting showing close up of light bulbs on a sign
Copyright 2023 Lisa R. Tennant
Medium: Watercolor, Gouache and Acrylic on Handmade Paper with natural deckle edge
Size (Approximately): 22.75" x 31"
Price: $1850
Description/Story: The Venice Motel is a seedy little hole in the wall with a magnificent example of mid-century signage design. Neglected and worn, the heavily textured surface cannot be denied. It still stood the test of time through tropical storms and the intense Florida sun.
The shape of the overall painting with a deckle edge and naturally textured paper makes it an excellent candidate to utilized a float mat and shadowbox frame. Take a look at the Frame Mock Up example for comparison.
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Frame Mock-Up with float and mat to show natural edges of the paper
image of the painting "Unbalanced" in a frame hung on the wall
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