Lost Parking Opportunity
watercolor painting of George's Tavern neon signage
Copyright 2022 Lisa R. Tennant
Medium: Watercolor
Size (Unframed): 18" x 24"
Price: $1320
Available through Griffin Trading Co. in the Dallas Design District
Contact 214-747-9234 or
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2024 The Other Art Fair—Dallas, Dallas Market Center, TX
2021 Louisiana Watercolor Society 51st International Exhibition
2020 2nd Annual Primary Colors Online Exhibition, LightSpaceTime Gallery, 3rd Place Overall, 2nd Place Painting Category
2019 Art Competition at the Cultural Art Center, Temple TX, February 2019
2018 Orlando Museum of Art 1st Thursdays Exhibit June "Architecture" theme
2018 June Sanford Art Walk, Sanford, FL
Description/Story: George's Tavern Bar sign is one of my favorite signage groupings. It wasn't far from where I used to live, and one sunny morning I was able to get reference images of it. Although I love Photorealism, I also enjoy seeing what the watercolor will do when I let the colors bleed into one another. In order to achieve the vivid colors of the sign and rich dark colors of the shadows, many layers of watercolors are applied. 
Video: Watercolor Painting Progress Slideshow | "Lost Parking Opportunity" shows the progression of how the layers of color were applied from beginning to end.
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Shot of Lost Parking Opportunity while on Exhibition
image of the framed painting of George's Tavern neon sign displayed on exhibition wall
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