Lone Star
drawing of a sign which reads "Lone Star"
Copyright 2023 Lisa R. Tennant
Medium: Conté and Charcoal
Size (Unframed): 20" x 23"
Price: $1400
SOLD. Prints available on our SHOP
Exhibition: Solo Exhibition "Signs of a Recent Past" at the CAC, Temple, TX
This little sign was difficult to depict. It stands in the middle of a tree growing around it and you can only see the majority of it when the leaves are gone. I frequently paint or sketch abandoned places, and this is as lonely as it gets. I don't even know if this was a store or motel sign because it's surrounded by a field where the structures of a building or buildings once stood. So, this drawing is about time passing and also standing still. The original drawing was snapped up quickly by a patron who grew up in the town of—you guessed it—Lone Star, Texas.
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