Final Fishing Trip
Painting of a sign with a fish on it.
Copyright 2023 Lisa R. Tennant
Medium: Watercolor
Size (Unframed): 15" x 20"
Price: $765
Original: SOLD
Exhibition: 2020 Signs of a Recent Past Solo Exhibition, Cultural Activities Center, Temple, TX and Vive Les Arts Theatre, Killeen, TX
Description/Story: This watercolor painting depicts the Florida Angler’s Resort neon sign past it’s heyday. I added in some watercolor "happy accidents" such as the water blooms in the sky as a reminder that it's a painting, even though it looks photo realistic.
Left to stand along a road with stores and shopping plazas growing up around it, the neon still clung to the facade while the paint faded and chipped in the Florida sun. The sign was ultimately taken down, but is captured here to remember its charm. You can, however, live out those vintage vibes with a print for your wall or a keepsake from our SHOP!
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