Broken Dreams
image of a watercolor painting depicting the Sandman Motel
Copyright 2023 Lisa R. Tennant
Medium: Watercolor
Size (Unframed): 29" x 29"
Price: $2575
Exhibition: 2020 Signs of a Recent Past Solo Exhibition, Cultural Activities Center, Temple, TX and Vive Les Arts Theatre, Killeen, TX
Description/Story: The more that I paint vintage signage, the more I want to pursue it. When I saw this sign in-person, I was surprised by it's humble surroundings. On a main drag on the corner with typical starter homes in a neighborhood behind, it stands out against the Florida sky. What I loved about doing this rather large watercolor was the weathered painted panels, unusual shape and design. Whoever originally designed this graphic masterpiece, it has kept it's original charm even with age. If you're looking for something fun in your home or office, this one is sure to keep you entertained.
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Frame Mock-Up
image of a sofa and the sandman motel painting in a frame above it
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