Complimentary Hearts of Flame
image of a watercolor painting depicting a spiky bromeliad with a lizard climbing on it
Copyright 2023 Lisa R. Tennant
Medium: Watercolor
Size (Unframed): 18" x 24"
Price: $1320
Original Available
2021 Natural Patterns Solo Exhibition, Cultural Activities Center, Temple, TX, and Vive Les Arts Theatre, Killeen, TX
Description/Story: Going for a walk one day I saw these vibrant stalks of red and could not believe something could naturally be such an intense color. When I finally went to take some reference photos, there was a green lizard clinging to one of the stalks. I could not have had a better composition. The painting itself, although with intensity of color, could not compare to the real thing.
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Frame Mockup
image of the bromeliad painting framed and propped up against a wall
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